• The first step

    High efficiency UV LED light attracts flying insects.

  • The second step

    Powerful fans suck them into the bottom of the machine.

  • The third step

    Get those fly insects stuck on glue board, then you can clean it.


COKIT is committed to providing consumers with innovative, high quality products that are physically safe and effective in solving your indoor and outdoor mosquito problems.

Story of COKIT

The struggle between humans and mosquitoes has lasted for many years. As we enter the 21st century, the need for safe, convenient and reliable products is becoming more and more apparent. As a company that has been fighting mosquitoes for a long time, we have gradually started to shift our focus from traditional chemical-based countermeasures to physical countermeasures. We want to provide an effective barrier to your living space, indoors and outdoors, free from those annoying disturbances!